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THE ‘FOOTPRINTS OF COMMUNITY GIVING’ RADIO SHOWS: A national media platform used to illustrate the relationship between funders (corporate and private foundations), nonprofit organizations, and the service recipient (clients) of our local and national communities. This suite of radio shows tell the real stories of the real people within the local giving ecosystem; a showcase of the relationships and motivations that lead to giving.

I. Focus on Funders: Providing a ‘face’ and ‘heart’ to the philanthropic arms of corporate and private foundations. What motivates Corporate Social Responsibility? The leadership of some of the most influential foundations in the US will give us perspective on why their organizations give to specific target populations and geographic locations. They will talk about their current challenges and opportunities associated with selecting grantees.   We will also explore the personal testimonials from the staff, board members and founders of these organizations about how and why their personal journey connects them to their company’s social responsibility.

II. The Hands of Giving: Community-Based Organizations Giving a voice to the 1.1 million charitable organizations across the US.  These are the stories of the selfless founders of organizations who cultivate change in communities on a grassroots level.  We will hear the testimonies of staff and leaders who have given their entire heart and treasure to the mission of their organizations.  They will tell of their motivations, challenges and visions relating to operating a non-profit organization and how funding impacts their operations.  Volunteerism: What motivates an individual to give away their time and treasure as a volunteer? The board members and volunteers of nonprofits talk about why they choose to donate their time and talent; and the impact that their service has had on their life.

III. Loving My Neighbors: Service Recipients of Charitable Organizations: These are the individuals, families, organizations, and communities that are directly impacted by nonprofit (charitable) organizations. Does the work of a community based organization make a difference on a micro level? The beneficiaries tell their stories of how a local agency or organization provided a solution (food, housing, education, arts, jobs, healthcare, childcare, etc.) that met their immediate need. We will hear of their journey of finding what they needed and how these local organizations helped them to meet some of their personal goals.