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Tony Davenport

Born Aug 16 1976, Antoine Jose Davenport grew in  military family setting; father retired Air Force, step father retired Navy. Physical exceptions always seemed to be on the forefront of Tony’s life. He played teams sports like basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, track and field. As time passed Tony ventured to individual sports like skateboarding, boxing, and martial arts.

Immediately following high school Tony enlisted in the U.S. Marines. He earned several fast promotions based on his performance as honor graduate from school working on F/A-18 Hornets and meritorious promotion boards. In Jan 1998, Tony was accepted into an officer selection and commissioning program at which point he attended the University of Arizona June 1999- May 2003, earning a  B.S. degree in Physical Education. After earning a commission as a Lt, he was assigned duty as an logistical aviaition maintenance officer.

While in college Tony was in a vehicle wreck breaking all three bones in his left leg, altering the longevity of his career as a Marine Officer. He enrolled in school with California University of Pennsylvania to complete his Masters in Exercise Science: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. May 2007 following being discharged from active duty service, Tony found his way into the world of fitness offering boxing classes, boot camps and working with local promoters training entry level pro fighters for showcases. This evolved into offering fitness for persons with dysfunctions and disabilities. Tony found his niche when he was hired by a physical therapist working with spinal cord injuires. As time passed his skill level grew, he learned the business side of the industry, learned networking from Roger and Stacy Vaughn and advanced his position by attaining specialized training working with persons with spinal cord injuries. Realizing he needed a doctorate level education, he re-rentered school only to find funding was limited. Conveniently, Project Walk Atlanta was opened and he was able to continue his pursuit offering rehabilitation to persons with disabilities / dysfunction.

Currently, Tony is the senior recovery specialist for Project Walk Atlanta spinal cord injury recovery, Alpharetta, Ga. He recently completed his Medical Fitness Specialist certification comprising personal trainer, sports medicine and special populations testing. Tony is a brown belt in WTF Taekwondo and plan to test for black belt by Nov 2014. He is also planning to take the G.R.E. to enter the Ph.D of Neuro Science program at GSU Fall 2015. In the mean time his continues to offer solutions of medically based exercise programs for his clients.


Listen to our interview with Tony here: