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Marc Wallenstein

Marc Wallenstein has 20+ years experience leading or helping company’s achieve success by bringing innovative technologies to the market that make the world a better place.

Marc Wallenstein is the founder and CEO of Rallyin, Inc., the social product-experience community: “Catalog and share your product experiences with photos and video.

He is a visionary, thought leader, and entrepreneur and has been the founder, co-founder, or held leadership positions for 5 startups.  Marc has served as a CEO and in executive or leadership positions in sales and business development for privately held and publicly traded software and technology companies, from mid-sized to Fortune 500 — providing technology solutions to the commercial and federal government sectors.

He has led or participated in startups from concept through beta, establishing marketplace beachheads, raising venture capital and other funding, on through the growth stages, and various exists including sale of the companies.


Listen to our interview with Marc here: